Direct Mail

Utilizing Direct Mail to Find New Leads

19 Nov , 2014  


I am sure many people have received something in the mail that caught their eye in a way that would never have caught their eye online. A bright postcard with a key attached or maybe a postcard with a free sample of the latest dish detergent. Many businesses when creating a sales strategy focus most of their energy in online marketing or newspaper advertisements. While those are both viable options that do show results, a lot of businesses tend to forget about using direct mail as a marketing strategy for sales. In the technology age, many may believe this is outdated and old-fashioned. However, it reaches an audience that those other marketing methods would not. Not everyone spends their days surfing the web, there is a much larger audience to appeal to. Printing a colorful and creative flyer would definitely catch the eyes of that particular audience.

There is a boatload of companies that still use simple direct marketing to promote their business and increase sales. Whether they are selling insurance, cars, or sporting equipment, it has proven to be effective. Some may think that the cost and effort of starting a direct mail services campaign is not worth it because the leads would just not be coming in. Let’s break it down a bit.

• Joe mails out 1,000 bright colored flyers for his real estate business. This cost about $1000.
• 5% of the people call Joe back and that equals to about 50 calls.
• Joe can filter out all of the tire-kickers duds, and gets a seller for one of his homes which is 2% of that 50.
• He eventually sells the home and makes a hefty commission of $10,000.

In the beginning Joe did not believe that it would be worth it to go to a printing press and print out those bright and colorful flyers. However, in the long run, that one sale made him ten times what he paid to have the flyers printed. Joe did the right thing by starting off small and testing out the waters before putting the money and the effort into a large campaign and finding out later he would get bad results. So now he can go back to the printing press, put money back into his business by having more flyers printed, and then create more sales for his business.

If a small business is worried about cost or other factors, they can call local companies and find out costs and if there are discounts for small businesses. They may also be concerned about how to obtain a list of potential companies to send their flyer to. It is possible to purchase a list of leads to mail your flyers to.

There are many potential customers that do not have access to the internet and would be very receptive to a direct mail marketing promotion. That is a person who may just pick up the phone and ask a business more about their services. And that right there could lead to a sale that the business did not even know existed. It is important to remember that it is a big world out there, and a classy direct marketing campaign would appeal to an audience that sometimes gets forgotten.

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Marketing Services

Consistent Branding With Marketing Services

6 Nov , 2014  


Enhance your business through different printing services

Every business has a marketing strategy. Successful companies invest in a variety of marketing strategies when it comes to promoting their products and services. Although there are numerous brand marketing strategies, many business owners find printing services useful.
Printing companies enable one to stay ahead of their competitors and are an excellent choice if the company needs a different marketing strategy. When it comes to printing, there are various publishing needs such as business cards, brochures, publications, leaflets, banners, flyers, etc. These promotions are essential for marketing activities of the firm, especially at the time of launching new products and services. Printing companies provide various kinds of services to promote products and services. Every category has different features and helps business to stay ahead of others.

Business cards

An appealing business card will lure clients to call the company. Business cards are great tools to produce identification. It holds the name of the person, business name, contact details, address and designation. Getting it printed by a reputed printing company will be enough to impress clients.


Flyers are a kind of paper advertisement that are usually distributed in public places. Flyers with an attractive look help to make the product more appealing. They interest shoppers and pique their curiosity.

Green Printing

Green printing is a great alternative to traditional publishing. This is an eco-friendly method. Clients will be attracted by this kind of service, as more and more people these days are showing interest in green products.

Graphic design

Printing services are even extended to the graphical phase. A variety of graphic designs or logos are used to grab the attention of customers. Large graphics reach a great number of eyes and help to convey the message in a positive way. Moreover, they make the brand visible on a large scale.

Cross media marketing

Cross media marketing is another service provided by printing companies, where variable data, text or graphics can be changed according to the customer. Cross media marketing can include – post cards, flyers or brochures.
The services provided by printing companies help organizations to stay in touch with their customers and promote their products and services.

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Printing Solutions

Flexible Printing Solutions For Any Occassion

2 Oct , 2014  


Esteemed and awarded for more than the last 7 decades, A Printable Press has been a center hub for all types of professional printing services. Since 1897 the company has served countless clients with quality and dedication to their services. A Printable Press are committed to provide the printing solutions for all professional folders sizes such as A4, A5, landscape, interlocking, 6-Panel folder, 2 Pocket folder, schools and brochure folders.

Even if you need a custom shape folder,A Printable Press has the answer for you. With all folder printing solutions under a single roof, and affordable prices for printing services A Printable Press is set to delight its customers and raise the bar on quality folder printing.

Just to walk the extra mile and win the heart of the customer, the firm has equipped itself with all the new technically advanced machines, such as the B2 Komori 5 color litho press with dedicated aqueous coating, in-house cutting & creasing facilities and in-house laminating to serve the clients with quality in folder printing solutions. So if you’re on Google and trying to map a complete folder printing parlor for your needs, you must visit the A Printable Press website and browse through the types of services and customizations offered by them. With flexibility and quality in the folder printing solution services offered by A Printable Press, it’s also managed to keep itself alive and relevant through various certifications earned during its journey of serving its clients. A Printable Press has come up with a unique, 12 reason board that will help you to sort them from other printing services.

The 12 unique selling points of A Printable Press are:

1. LITHO printed for highest possible image quality.
2. Using thick, triple coated 350gsm standard stock.
3. Folders fully assembled or self-assembly, you decide.
4. FREE delivery on all orders- no hidden charges!
5. FREE business card slots option – no extra cost.
6. FREE flight-checking and unlimited .pdf proofs.
7. FREE cutters – the largest range of standard folders.
8. Environmentally friendly inks & FSC certified stock.
9. All in-house, printing, die-cutting & laminating.
10. Confidential trade service – delivered in plain boxes.
11. Bespoke folder printing – dream it & we’ll make it!
12. ISO accredited service -ISO:9001 (Quality) and ISO:14001 (Environmental)

Highlighting the above features not only adds value to your work but also encircles the reasons for the quality and consistency of A Printable Press. So if you are seeking for a quality folder printing solution firm then it has to be A Printable Press.

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